According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, almost three trillion dollars worth of real estate on the coast of Florida is vulnerable to hurricane damage. We have seen the catastrophic harm that property owners endure at the hands of natural hurricane forces. We also know the blood, sweat, tears, and funds that went into acquiring precious property before a relentless storm hits. The monstrous winds to torrential rains of a hurricane may cause damage ranging from a cracked window to a completely demolished structure.

In any event, hurricane insurance should protect you. You agree to a higher deductible in exchange for the assurance of knowing your property damage will be covered. Contemplating the huge payouts to adjust the high volume of incoming claims after a hurricane, insurance companies can delay adjustment or payment of your claim. They can also search for any conceivable reason to deny payment. Do not fall victim to these tactics—allow us to step in and fight for the repairs and restoration you deserve, so you can focus on the health and happiness of your loved ones after a traumatic storm passes.