Florida properties can be centuries or months old, and the true age and quality of a plumbing system is often mysterious and confusing. Pipes are commonly made of cast iron, galvanized iron, wrought iron, or steel—but they are all susceptible to bursts or backups. Toilets and shower pans can overflow, and drain lines can unexpectedly fail, unleashing gallons of clean or sewage water into your property.  You may be left unable to use an entire bathroom, shower, or sink.

Whether you notice water coming from your floors, drains, washing machine, dishwasher, toilets, or showers – you need to take action to prevent mold growth and curb ghastly odors before your property is uninhabitable. A plumbing failure can obligate your insurance company to pay for a complete replacement of your pipes, through extensive trenching that may force you to replace your flooring and baseboards, among other interior damages. We will be there to evaluate whether your insurance company is contractually required to restore your plumbing system or interior damages. We will fight on your behalf, so that your safety and sanity are promptly restored too.