Florida’s rambunctious climate can have no mercy. Coupled with age, poor maintenance, dislocated tiles, and seasonal winds and storms – roofs in this State are poised for damage. Anything from a tiny trickle of water to a gaping hole could mean that your house needs an entirely new roof. Do not let the inconvenience of addressing a minor leak prevent you from taking action to prevent a major problem.

The insurance company may claim that your roof only needs “patch” repairs to limited areas, undervalue the cost to solve a problematic leak, or altogether deny your claim for age-related wear and tear or deterioration. We will assist you in evaluating the fair and objective value of the damage, and what it would take to restore your roof.

We will also examine your policy to see if you are owed additional compensation for interior or structural damage, or living expenses if you need to move out of your home while repairs take place. Let us address any deficiencies in your roofing system before they escalate and wreck havoc to the walls and ceilings of your property. Let us help you feel secure beneath a dependable roof fast.