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Hurricane or Windstorm Damage

Water Damage

Plumbing Failures

Roof Leaks

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Tile, Wood, Marble, or Laminate Floor Damage


Theft or Vandalism

Blasting Damage

Bad Faith



Sam K.

"As a public adjuster, I meet property damage attorneys all of the time. Many of them just want to make a quick buck with false repair estimates, and never visit the properties. Danny and Nicole are different - they look at the damage, get their hands dirty, and dig deep on the legal issues.” 

Sam K.
Iris M.

"I just bought my house when Hurricane Dorian threatened Miami. After the rainstorms, my window shattered and fence toppled. Danny and Nicole came over right away to look at the damage and examine my policy so that I would understand my rights. They are sharp and honest, and I knew immediately that they would fight hard to get my claim paid!” 

Iris M.
Morgan S.

"A disgusting plumbing leak wrecked my newly renovated Miami condominium, and my insurance company wanted to pay me pennies on the dollar to make repairs. Nicole and Danny jumped right in, and thanks to them, we fought for the money I needed to make complete repairs and get reimbursed for all my out of pocket costs.” 

Morgan S.


Nicole:  From an early age, my parents thought I should pursue law because “my tongue…

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